Why use the LBG Medical protect scheme?

Every day you take over 12,000 steps and with each step you take, your body will impact upon modern, rigid, surfaces. The force upon your orthoses amounts to over 500,000kg per day. Just as your car may need a regular MOT or repair, so will your orthoses.

Repairing or replacing your orthotic devices can be a very costly and time consuming experience, leaving you out of pocket and in some cases causing a re-occurrence of symptoms due to the prolonged absence of orthotic treatment. Langer protect cover is a comprehensive plan providing you with two years protection on your orthotic devices. If you would like to protect against prolonged interruptions to your treatment or substantial additional costs...

Then protect is for you!


Outgrowth £200+

The LBG Medical Protect-Scheme can offer you one replacement of outgrown Orthoses per two years agreement period' prior to the patients eighteenth birthday.

Replacement £200+

Protect covers for lost or stolen Orthoses by storing the positive impression profiles for every subscriber for the full two year period. There is a surcharge made for replacement which is significantly lower than the cost of purchasing a new pair. *

Total Refurbishment £150+

Protect entitles you to two total refurbishments on your devices. This involves stripping the othoses right down to the shell and rebuilding all posting, padding and top covers, leaving the devices like new.

Prescription Adjustment £140+

The Protect plan covers two adjustments in addition to the standard adjustment/repair agreement of the six month guarantee.

Discount Scheme £200+

If your original Orthoses are covered by the Protect agreement you will be entitled to 25% discount on any additional refurbishments and adjustments outside of the insurance contract. This offer does not include discount off any clinical examination.