NEWS STORIES 27/04/2018

NEWS STORIES 27/04/2018

Physical activity can prevent diabetic foot problems

Woman doing cross split exercise working out her hip abductor muscles and ligaments. Fit female athlete stretching splits in gym.

A systematic review reported in Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice has found that physical activity and exercise is an effective method to improve diabetic foot related outcomes.

6 pieces of research including 418 patients with diabetes were analysed and findings suggested that “physical activity and exercise significantly improved nerve velocity conduction, peripheral sensory function and foot peak pressure distribution.” The review also concluded that “the ulcer incidence rate per year was lower in the intervention groups, compared with the controls”.

The authors concluded that combined multidisciplinary management is better for the prevention of foot problems in the diabetic population.

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Early treatment of leg ulcers could save limbs and money

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A study carried out by the Imperial College of London has found that “treating leg ulcers within two weeks by closing faulty veins improves healing by 12% compared to standard treatment”.

The randomised control trial analysed 450 patients with venous leg ulcers. Half of the patients received treatment within two weeks to address their varicose veins while the other half received the same treatment after the ulcer had healed (or after 6 months if the ulcer had not healed). Results showed that “patients who received varicose vein treatment within two weeks, healed in 56 days, compared to 82 days in the group whose treatment was delayed”.

The NHS manages 731,000 leg ulcers each year, most of which are venous. It’s been estimated that this costs the NHS £1.94 billion a year. This research has recommended that patients are referred to a vascular clinic upon diagnosis with a venous ulcer for surgery consideration. This could improve patients’ lives and reduce NHS costs.

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Feet fit for a Princess


Several newspapers have this week reported on the appearance Meghan Markle’s feet! The tabloids have had fun delving into the world of “foot palmistry” in an attempt to uncover possible personality traits for our future princess!

Apparently, Meghan’s elongated second toe represents her leadership qualities while her short big toe suggests she can multi task!  Her prominent 5th met heads are apparently a tell-tale sign that she is a good listener while a slight webbing between her 2nd and 3rd digits suggest obstinance!

Here at LBG Medical, we think she needs to slip into one of Strive’s new Spring / Summer collection styles! Definitely a step ahead for any aspiring Royal 😉

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