NEWS STORIES: 19.10.18

NEWS STORIES: 19.10.18

Transverse plane movement associated with foot pain


Patients with symptomatic flat foot walk slower and have more knee flexion compared to non-symptomatic flat feet and non-symptomatic neutral feet according to a new study.

The retrospective study, which was published recently in Gait and Posture researched 106 children between the ages of 5 and 18 to examine which kinematic features were associated with symptomatic flat feet.

The results showed that the symptomatic flat foot group had significant differences in hip flexion, knee flexion, rearfoot inversion and eversion, and forefoot adduction and abduction. The authors concluded that foot motion in the “transverse plane is closely associated with the presence of symptoms in flat feet and that this is accompanied by changes in the kinematics of the ankle, knee and hip.”


A device to make you run faster


The New York Times has reported a story this week about a device which enables runners to run faster and easier. Rezvan Nasiri, a researcher from the University of Teran in Iran, has devised a device which claims to harness some of the energy lost after each ground impact which occurs during running.

Along with fellow researchers at the University, the device was developed to gather and transfer energy from one hip to another and was initially tested on robots before undergoing a small study on 10 male runners. Initial results showed that the energy harnessing device reduced running energy cost by 8% .

The design of this device is still in process and more research will be needed.


Evidence for “Foot Detoxes”


An article published recently in Medical News Today has discussed the use of “foot detox systems” which claims to purify the body and remove toxins! Advocates of foot detoxes suggest that they balance the body's ph., reducing swelling, increase immunity to illness and destroy harmful microorganisms amongst many other health claims!

The article goes on to explore the research behind foot detoxes and concludes that there is very little bar a couple of very small studies with dubious methodologies.

Despite the lack of any good evidence, foot detoxes are a popular health treatment choice which many patients find relaxing, and while they are unlikely to be detoxifying anything, they are also unlikely to be harmful.

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