Kinetics, Kinematics & The Role Of Foot Orthoses On Live Subjects

Kinetics, Kinematics & The Role Of Foot Orthoses On Live Subjects

Presentation 1: Mechanical modeling for the busy clinician

This is a joint session between Dr Eric Fuller and Dr Simon Spooner. Using treadmill video gait analysis we will learn the principles of performing a quasi-static free-body analysis on live subjects. We will discuss the inter-relationship of kinetics and kinematics and describe the role that foot orthoses have in influencing these. By the end of this presentation everyone will be thinking more like engineers!

Presentation 2: Gait re-training and the injured athlete: what does the science say?

In this presentation we will explore the reasons that humans adopt certain running styles and why these may vary within and between individuals. We will look at the emerging therapeutic technique of attempting to modify the manner in which someone runs in order to treat specific pathologies. The evidence base will be scrutinised to identify the support for this strategy and the effects of various gait modifications in terms of their potential kinetic and kinematic influences on specific tissues of the body will be examined.

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